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Bikini Competition Posing: Learn the basics to win your first show

More and more women are getting into bodybuilding these days, and the number of categories is also growing to pick from. But it doesn't matter which category you go for, figure, physique, wellness, or bikini, getting ready for the stage takes a lot of hard work.

Whether you're just starting out in bodybuilding competitions or you're a pro at it, one thing remains the same no matter how many times you've done it: you need a good routine and the most accurate poses for the stage. Like how you work out to get in shape for the competition, you should practice your bikini poses every day to make sure you do well on stage.

One of the most crucial aspects of bikini competitions is your posing technique. Some folks think that working out and eating right alone will make them winners, but it's not that simple. The judges can only judge what they see on stage. So, practicing your stage performance and posing is really worth your time.

We have some tips for you to remember before your fitness competition day. Read through them, understand them, and put them into action to win the competition! 

1. Your Stage Walk

How you walk on that stage is a big deal in your bikini competition routine. It's like the first impression you make. This is your chance to let the judges see your personality and who you really are, not just what you're wearing. When you walk, it should say, "I'm confident and proud of what I've got."

But here's the thing: you won't look confident if you're not comfortable in your shoes. In bikini competitions or figure suit competitions, you wear a two-piece suit and high heels that are transparent. So, make sure you practice your poses in those shoes to show the judges that you've got that confidence they're looking for. We recommend you practice with your heels on every day, the week before the show so your feet can accustomed and you don't stumble.. 

2. Pick your best Pose and strong side

Bikini competitions are always evolving and so are the posing routines, so it's important to keep up with the latest trends by watching recent competitions and the poses that everyone loves. When you're doing your poses, think about your own body – your natural curves, muscles, and proportions. Remember, nobody's perfect, so focus on showing off your strengths and downplaying your not-so-strong points. Always choose the side that you’re muscles are best shown on, and only your posing coach will be able to best guide you with this!

3. Transitioning Between Poses -. 

How you switch from one pose to another is super important. When you move from the front to the back pose, the judges are watching closely. They're looking at your overall fitness, especially your glutes and shoulder muscles. Another helpful tip is to keep your core tight as you make these transitions, so you flow smoothly from one to the other pose.

Also, do poses that match your body. Here's a simple trick: if you have wide shoulders, put your hand on your hip when you pose. On the other hand, if your shoulders are a bit smaller, lift your hand up to your waist. This way, it makes your shoulders look better and adds some nice shape to your deltoid muscles.

4. Back Pose

This pose is a big deal and can make a big difference in your score. Judges pay special attention to your lower legs and glutes (the more, the merrier is not the trick here! It all depends on the division you have chosen). Doing this pose well can really boost your chances of winning. So, it's crucial to have strong, round, and toned glutes. 

One common mistake athletes can make is leaning too far forward, and judges don't like that. Also, if your glutes aren't in good shape, it might be better to compete in a later show when you've had more time to get them in top condition. 

5. Accessories

When you're on stage for your fitness bikini competition routine, everything you wear and how you look really matters. That includes your bikini for competition, your hair and makeup, and any jewelry you are planning to wear. You want all of it to make you look great, not the other way around. 

Here are some common mistakes people make in fitness bikini competitions: 

  • Picking the wrong color for their micro bikini competition suits 
  • Wearing too much jewelry 
  • Not trying out their tan to make sure it looks good 
  • Not using the right makeup for the stage lights
  • Having a hairstyle that doesn't fit and distracts from your body

Your Posing Suits

Wearing the right posing suit while practicing your stage walk is an essential part. Posing competition suits are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, ensuring that they showcase the body's lines and curves effectively, similar to micro bikini competition suits. Wearing other sportswear or swimwear might not provide the same fit and comfort, which can affect the athlete's confidence and performance. 

Practicing in the actual posing competition suits will help you become more comfortable and confident with the figure competition suits or bikinis you will wear during the competition. This can affect your stage presence, as you won't be distracted or conscious about your outfit.

If you are competing anytime soon, you can shop Posing Suits from us. Choose from over 100 designs made from top-quality fabrics to help you practice worry-free! 

And your competition preparation can not be finished without a proper bikini competition suit. If you are looking for one, you can shop at Competition Suit Shop - with over 150 bodybuilding bikini suits and counting. 

Even though you only get a short time to do your bikini routine, you can still show off your best poses and your amazing body. So have fun and enjoy the process of perfecting your stage walk. 

Good luck, ladies! 

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