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Bodybuilding Competition Posing

Are you planning to compete in a bikini competition? Don't sweat yourself too much! Competition Suit Shop is here to help you prepare and practice so that you will shine on the stage just right. Your stage-posing routine is a big part of the game, and knowing how to show off your hard-earned physique can make all the difference. 

Today, we will help you learn how you can show your stuff in the easiest way possible!

Let's start by learning what a Bodybuilding Competition is

A bodybuilding bikini competition is like a beauty pageant for female fitness athletes. Athletes flaunt their toned bodies, physique, and athleticism. The judges will score you based on your posing skills, your stage look, and, of course, confidence. 

Why is your posing routine so important?

You need to understand bikini competitions are not just showing off your muscles. It is also important to learn how you present yourself. Grace, confidence, and poise are some of the top things you need to have. Practicing your posing routine is very important. You need to nail your angles, make sure you highlight your best features under the spotlight, and do the perfect postures. 

You will be judged based on your whole package, so always keep your posing game on point.  

Here’s the top tip to master your bikini competition posing - Practice, Practice & Practice. 

  • You can practice your posing routine by wearing your bikini posing suit in front of a mirror. Why a posing suit? Because it resembles figure competition suits, Try out different angles and poses to see what works best for you and your body. The more you practice, the better your posing routine will get.  

  • The posing routine you rehearse needs to put your best feature on display. If you already know what your best features are, you can practice more to perfect them when the stage spotlight hits you. Maybe your sculpted legs are your high points, or your killer smile, or maybe your toned abs.

  • Perfect your posture. With time, you will learn to stand tall with your shoulders and chest up. You need to keep your core engaged and your back straight. This is why you need to wear the right bikini posing suit. Your bikini posing suit will be the closest thing to your micro bikini competition suit. If you stand tall and keep a good posture, it will show how confident you are on stage. 

  • Show your confident side. A genuine smile can easily light up your entire performance. With good practice, you can learn to smile with your eyes and mouth. The judges need to feel warmth and confidence in your smile. 

  • When you step on the stage, you need to own the entire stage. Make your walk confident, own your steps, and make everyone gain your attention with every pose you perform. Remember one thing - you have worked hard to be there, so show everyone your real side. 

Let's talk a little about the poses you will need to perform on the stage in your NPC bikini competition suits! When you are standing under the stage spotlight, you will be changing poses a lot. So, be prepared to learn a bunch of poses, and today, we will help you learn the top two poses you will need to perfect for the judges. 

1. Front Pose 

Your first impression of the stage will be the front pose, so you need to ace it! This is how you do it - Stand facing the judge and the audience and keep your shoulders straight and your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Next, push your hips to one side and twist your waist to make it look smaller. 

How do you perform the front pose? Keep your feet together, bend one knee a little, and cross it in front. You can perform the front post by keeping your feet together. Stand with both feet together, bend one knee, and cross it in front of your body. 

2. The Back Pose 

The second most important step is the back pose, and you need to transition into it like butter. Next, you arch your back a little while keeping your shoulders over your hips. Let your arms hang on the sides of your thighs. 

Things you need to remember are not to bend forward too much. It looks unflattering and can reduce your score. 

You can never perfect your posing routine if you don't wear the right bikini posing suit for it. This is why you need to own bikini posing suits to perfect your stage walk. Especially when you are practicing these poses, remember to wear the proper attire because it can make or break your entire performance. Once you get a proper micro bikini competition suit, you can continue your pracice wearing that. 

A bikini posing suit resembles a bikini competition suit to the last thread. This is why you can see your best angles in the mirror more clearly when you wear your posing suit. 

And there you have it: why you must perfect your posing routine, which poses you need to perfect, and what to wear when practicing them. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to learn what works best for you. 

You’ve got this! 

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