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Bikini Bottoms Cuts & Styles

We offer four different Bottom styles for Bikini Competition Suits

V-Cut Front
Modest Front

Our Modest Front offers a more modest/conservative front cut. We recommend this choice for first time athletes competing in NPC (Non Physique Committee) events. However, it is still a popular choice for all federations and competition levels.

U-Cut Front
Scoop Front

Our Scoop Front is more revealing than our Modest Front, giving the bottom an elongated ‘U’ shaped front. The hip connectors sit higher on the waist than the Modest Front bottom because of the “U” shaped front.
We recommend this style for competitors who have naturally lean morphology, allowing the cut to highlight the muscle definition of the glutes, midsection and legs. That said, this cut is highly popular and suitable for all levels of competitors.

U-Cut Front
High Rise Front

Our High Rise Front is recommended for competitors with high muscle definition. This style will enhance the length and definition of your abdominal and leg muscles. The hip connectors on the High Rise bottom sits higher on the waist than our Modest and Scoop front bottom.

V Front
V Front

Our V Front accentuates athlete's muscle definition and showcases a more revealing physique. Favoured by athletes aiming for a sleek and elongated appearance. By opting for the V Front, you'll notice an enhancement in your torso muscles, with the cut showcasing more skin. We recommend this cut for athletes who wish to elongate their legs and accentuates the abdominal muscles, offering a flattering and dynamic look.

Back Styles

For Bikini Competition Suits we offer 5 different bottom coverage levels.

V-Cut Front
Full coverage Back

Full coverage Back: Classic Coverage. Best to make your waist look slimmer. Approximately 50% Bottom Coverage.

U-Cut Front
Cheeky Back

Cheeky Back: A Modest Brazilian. Recommended for Well Balanced Physiques. Roughly 30% Bottom Coverage.

U-Cut Front
Brazilian Back

Brazilian Back: Enhances Bottom Shape and is great to highlight Glute definition. Roughly 25% Bottom Coverage.

U-Cut Front
Pro Back

Pro Back: Recommended for Pro Athletes Competing at IFBB/NPC Stages. Roughly 20% Bottom Coverage.

U-Cut Front
Micro Back

Micro Back: Not recommended without your coach’s approval. For Pro Athletes competing at the highest levels. Roughly 15% Bottom Coverage.

Bikini Bottom Details

When it comes to figure competitions and body transformation, we, at Competitionsuitshop understand first-hand that things may not always go as planned. You may end up being more lean than expected, or miss a target weight goal. This is why we have made flexible bottom sizes. The strap hook feature allows room for adjustment. This is designed to give you peace of mind as we know that weight fluctuations are a big part of the game.

V-Cut Front
V-Cut Front

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