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About Us

This is not your generic ‘About Us’ page, just like we are not your generic e-commerce platform.

We are here to disrupt, innovate, and provide a thriving platform for athletes looking to compete in the sport we are extremely passionate about!

The philosophies that we have channeled into our business are the same as those we first channeled at the gym. Seems simple, yet why do most fail? Why are you looking to compete on stage, while many don’t bother or won’t make it. The answer is far from simple. If we had to personify our success based on fitness analogies (and we do love living by the philosophies and wisdom of competition preparation – not only have we competed first hand we also understand the mechanics of the process, the performance, and the apparel requirements) it would be the combination of all the following ingredients, starting with WHY.

 WHY do you want to compete VS WHY did we want to start

If your WHY is not strong enough, you are not going to make it. It cannot be superficial, it is your bedrock foundation that you will have to soul-search. Because this sport, like any pursuit of success, will test your will and demand your best. Your WHY is what will drive you on when the going gets tough, and trust us, it will. But then again, like the saying goes “nothing worth doing is ever easy!”

 WHY do you want to compete? WHY did we want to compete? Speaking from personal experience it was for health reasons – bodybuilding and fitness changed our lives for the better and we’ve not looked back since. We only look for ways to contribute to this sport that has given us a fresh lease on life. We know several athletes who have competed, or are competing, to get their personal and professional lives in order. Whether you are trying to get out of a rut from a lifetime of bad habits, relationships, or whether you are a professional athletes who are looking to grow in the sport by becoming a better coach and earn a better livelihood, your WHY is going to change your life for the better.


We love this sport so much because every single athlete has left the stage a winner of the biggest trophy – a new life! And this is our WHY! Our philosophy is simple - We are extremely passionate about this sport, we have witnessed first-hand how it changes lives for the better. We are therefore committed to making sure this platform grows and thrive! Thus the concept of was born.

HOW do I compete VS HOW do we grow this sport?

It can be overwhelming to understand the different aspects of competition, especially as the sport is growing rapidly, branching into several federations and categories. But remember, as the infamous saying goes, the "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!" And we’re committed to helping you with our dedicated Customer Service team, helpful Blogs, as well as several Useful Links on our website that you can refer to for all things competition related!


In order to explain our HOW to you (How do we grow this sport?) we need to give you a brief synopsis on how we first started making Competition Suits. Firstly we are extremely passionate about the two key industries that makes all this possible – Fashion and Fitness. We are third generation tailors and seamstresses that have grown from an individual mom-and-pop shop over 50 years ago to becoming one of the leading suppliers of custom-made apparels worldwide. Over the years we have grown in our production capacity and capabilities. We own and operate our own facilities, milling our very own Fabrics and assembling our own Connectors to owning our own IT infrastructure to create the best innovation for our customers.

The reason our forefathers were successful was down to these core philosophies; QUALITY, VALUE FOR MONEY, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and INNOVATION.  – and it is with these same philosophies that we instill into our CompetitionSuitShop brand. The second passion as mentioned was our involvement in Fitness.

"Fabrics Are Patterned and Cut By Our Master Tailors To Your Exact Requirements"

Dating back a decade, a few third generation members of our family business fell in love with bodybuilding and figure competition. On our salaries, we barely had any money let alone the extortionate amount being charged by the $1,000 retail and online brands. We also got scammed by the too-low priced products that we tried ordering – which were just bathing suits with cheap glued-on low-grade plastic gems haphazardly discarded around the product. This looked nothing like what their websites promised, which we now know to be a lot of Photoshop. Needless to say, we were disappointed that these suits would not be stage appropriate. But, thanks to our tailoring background, we worked the night shift at our own facilities to create our own suits (just because we are owners we do not come from an entitled point of view – this was a hobby for us at that point, and therefore we were not going to take advantage of our working hours, we value what our forefathers have given us and we will strive to carry on their work ethic and principles)

We were relatively happy with our product, but didn’t expect anything from it, as it was just meant for our stage wear. But boy were we in for a good surprise! Whilst we did not win anything for our fitness prowess, our Bikini Competition Suit, Figure Competition Suit, and Robes scored the most points with the judges and with many athletes, as well as existing brands that had booths at the event. That was the first day we started taking B2B orders. Through word of mouth, we became the premier source of production for several companies – selling via many channels for other brands that are online, have retail stores, on Instagram, through coaches and so on. So why start our own? Ever had that project you wanted to do but never had the time? As the sport continued to grow, the demand for our products grew, we worked on building a new production line just for this segment to always deliver products that were aligned with our Core Philosophy – Quality, Value For Money, Excellent Customer Service and Innovation.


"Hand-Stitched with Passion by Skilled Craftsmen"

But while we continued to deliver the best products at the best prices, many of our resellers were not aligned on this vision. We saw gyms, online and retail stores, Instagram Influencers charge ridiculous amount of money with generic marketing gimmicks. The industry was thriving because bodybuilding competitions, especially for women, were ranked as one of the most popular sport in 2019, but innovation and consumer choices were starved. And then COVID hit! That was the game-changer that forced our hand to go back to the drawing board.


COVID shutdown had impacted the world, which all of us felt be it in terms of health, family, or income. Unprecedented drop in demand, job furloughs, business closures, and discarded products piled on as the months went by. But "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going" – that's the gym mentality that we had instilled in us. We kept faith in this sport, we knew our athletes were hurting, not being able to go to the gym, not having an outlet to channel the most frustrating years of their lives, having their livelihood upended. We knew we had to disrupt and innovate something new. And coming back to HOW do we do that, we decided to put all our expertise into creating the first DIRECT TO ATHLETE E-COMMERCE PLATFORM with NO MIDDLEMAN MARKUPS that allows any competitor in any part of the world, from the comfort of their homes / office / gym / wherever their motivation comes from, to easily order 100% CUSTOM MADE COMPETITION SUIT that will be made to their size, style and color – down to the last Crystal, Fabric and Connector selection. And delivered right to their doorstep at 1/3 MARKET PRICES.

We know that generic Instagram pages and several retail and online stores are still overcharging clients - claiming that they offer unique products, when in fact they just drop-ship orders to manufacture from us. Some retailers do not even bother to make customized patterns, offering just generic S,M,L sizes and designs. They then mark up the costs so customers ended up paying thousands of dollars for products that are not custom-made to fit them, when they most need it.


"The Art of Stippling - Your Customized Designs are Precisely Stippled by Hand to Perfection"

To grow this sport, our mission is first and foremost, is to create affordable luxury competition products, that do not hurt athletes. Rather we want to inspire every fitness enthusiast to compete, and we will do our part to deliver straight from our source of production, made in our own fashion house, the very best competition suits of your dream, to your doorstep.
WHAT will make you the winning Athlete on stage VS WHAT makes the best in the Competition Suits in the industry.

Now that we have identified the two key factors, the WHY and HOW of your competition process, we come to the final point – the WHAT. What makes a successful competitor is down to a combination of these ingredients; Your Coaching, Training, Nutrition, and Apparel selection. What makes the best in the competition suit industry can be similarly analogically modeled.

We place Coaching at the top because you need a Guru, an expert to asses your initial physique, plan your route, identify your division and federation, and most importantly hold you accountable. Getting the right coach - ideally a person who has competed, is still competing, or has a certified coaching program - is paramount to your success. Coaching if translated to our Business Philosophy is Experience and Know-How. We at Competition Suit Shop pride ourselves on being the pioneer in the competition bikini industry. Having competed ourselves, in IFBB and NPC events, we grew as  individuals to a team, dedicated – just like a coach - to making your hard work shine! We are third generation tailors and seamstresses that own and operate our own product pipeline. With over 50 year of experience we have detailed know-how of all body types. With extensive years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our products have been designed for one purpose only - to win competitions!


"Every Part of Your Customized Suit is Hand-Crafted with Precision Stitching Tech"


Coaches will keep you accountable for your progress, and we are accountable to you for all your purchases. We offer unparalleled Customer Service. We are here to cater to your every requirement, including advice and suggestions based on your competition requirements. We are more than happy to accommodate any special request and/or design you have in mind. You can Schedule a Consult FREE of charge, or Call Us directly at +1-646-755-9535.
The second step is choosing your training facility and training programs. The ideal choice is a fully equipped state of art gym, which is owned or operated by your Coach, and is in your vicinity so you have no excuses to skip your session! In direct analogical comparison, our factory and production houses have state of art machinery with over 200 skilled workers. Our experienced master-tailors handles the pattern making, cutting and finesse sewing, under our guidance, ensuring precision in all production processes. Our workmanship is second-to-none, and we provide the best online shopping experience. Our website is designed to be user-friendly and offer you the most accurate representation of your product selection with our ADVANCED DETAIL ZOOM FEATURE. As an innovative company committed to research, development and IT, we digitize your patterns and secure all your information with Blockchain Technology. We can guarantee that we are the only enterprise that operates on this scale with this expertise for Bikini Competition Suit, Figure Competition Suit, Practice Suits, Robes, and Accessories.
Our Training Programs cultivate an environment of learning and sustainability. We encourage the passing of skills to new workers to educate and provide jobs to local and regional communities. We commit a substantial portion of our proceeds to charities for the underprivileged as well as programs to empower Disabled Bodybuilders.
Thirdly, let’s look at Nutrition. Any die hard fitness enthusiast will know that nutrition and diet can be much more important than training itself. Getting enough of the right kind of sustenance; your calories, protein, water intake, and vital supplements to maximize gains and shred muscles to highlight your peak morphology is all enhanced by what and how you eat. Similarly, making the most beautiful, chiseled, and spectacular suits involves getting the right raw materials such as Fabrics, Connectors, and Crystals. We have invested into our own Fabric making facilities, our own thread making facilities, our own IT, and metalwork facilities. Our four way spandex fabrics are tested in house for their consistency in stretch, texture, sheen, durability and quality. Our raw materials have all been engineered for stage performance. We know they work because of the amount of orders we have gotten through our resellers.
With our continuous search of perfection through innovation, our recent exploration into developing our own connectors. We listened to feedback from athletes who were fed up with the poor quality of the generic connectors that were dull in color, and had sharp unfinished edges, causing great discomfort to the person wearing the suit. We have tested our connectors so that they shine the best on stage and they also do not hurt or annoy our athletes in anyway. Our job is to help you win, not hinder your chances! Whilst we do not product our own crystals currently we work with one of the world’s largest high-grade gem producers, to produce our own custom-requirements. We have made our gems federations approved, we have tested them in stage lighting, as well as under duress for their shine, durability. We also offer brand name crystals upon special request.






"We Invest in State of Art Technology and Produce our own Highest Quality Raw Materials"

Training – There is quality work and then there is work that will yield negative results. Overtraining will negate your developments, and undertraining will reflect on your poor performance on stage. The same holds true for any business model. We focus on scale-able quality, by training ourselves to produce the best results offline and online. We're not here to compete against others, we are here to compete against ourselves. We want to make sure we are not stagnating and are putting all our workable ideas to benefit this sport that we love, and that has given us so much. Our recent workshops with top athletes in the field have yielded some amazing feedback and allowed us to make some simple yet highly logical solutions for athletes such as our SLIDE ADJUSTER TECH and CLICK LOCK TECH. offers you nothing but the best quality of Bikini Competition Suits and Figure Suits. Our website offers you the most unique and creative way to design and order your Custom-Made Competition Suits with millions of design possibilities all made to your specific competition style and size requirements. Ordering Competition Suits has never been this convenient and simple.
Our IT developments will also be launching a revolutionary new platform that is going re-shape this industry even further!  
The fifth and final WHAT is your Competition Suit. You are actually judged on your suit in the presentation round of the competition. And this is why people will pay thousands and dollars to get the right suit, in addition of course to wearing something that is your crowning achievement.
You may call us biased, but is the only place to get your winning suit. We have put our heart and soul into this sport that we are extremely passionate about, that we have first hand experience in, that it is such a shame (and almost con-like) to know how much such current competition suit prices are hurting potential athletes in what should be the moment of their crowning achievement.  
And we will continue to put our heart and soul into this platform promising each one of you who come here with a dream to shine on stage that we will remain true to our core values and serve you with the BEST QUALITY Competition Suits. We will offer VALUE FOR MONEY NO MARK-UP PRICES. We will be accountable to each client with EXCELLENT 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE. And we will uphold the tradition of EXCELLENCE THROUGH INNOVATION.

Read our Story Later? Here's a quick 3 Minute Read that summarizes About US!

Our brand,, specializes in customized bikini competition suits, practice suits, figure suits, for male and female fitness categories and bodybuilding competitions that are designed in New York, USA. We also offer beautiful stage ready accessories, and uniquely customizable robes. We pride ourselves on making excellent products, which are individually crafted, each crystal meticulously placed to create a unique suit for every competitor. The no. 1 goal of our company is to deliver the perfect fitting suit that not only flatters your physique but also highlights your effort, dedication and hard work as you strive to push barriers in your bodybuilding competitions! Stand apart and feel confident with our custom competition suits!

Whether you are a first-timer, amateur, or seasoned professional, we guarantee you the best quality and best fitting suits! Our no. 1 priority is to make you look and feel fantastic on stage. We have years of experience in creating hand-made competition bikinis and figure suits and have received amazing feedback! Our products are designed to boost your confidence, allowing you to display your hard work, overall personality, physique and beauty. As your suit is taken into competition account, this will all contribute to a higher chance of success on stage! We are ranked as the top choice for athletes and competitors. Our competition suits are tailored to your precise measurements and style preferences. Click here to start designing your perfect suit, hassle free! Having been a competitor, we know first hand how important it is to have that perfect suit on stage. We channel this same integrity, craftsmanship and excellence into each suit we create, making extraordinary products with dedication. Each suit is a limited edition item, especially custom-made just for you!

Create your perfect suit! Our experts and dedicated customer service team are at your service 24/7 We produce the largest range, most diverse, and excellent competition bikinis and figure suits at our fashion house, supplying vendors worldwide. This is not just down to luck - we pride our success on our capabilities to deliver the best suits. This means precise fit, impeccable quality, and excellent customer service. We are extremely proud of our high-end reputation and we want to offer a direct-to-consumer model with our brand. The elimination of middle-men vendors or markups from other brands means you will be getting source or cost prices. We guarantee the most affordable prices in the industry!

With extensive years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our products have been designed for one purpose only - to win competitions! When it comes to our products we do not cut corners. And we do not condone unethical procurement or production. We produce the best sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials to make stunning bikini competition suits, practice suits, figure posing suits, and other accessories, without compromising on the integrity of the suit. With partnerships with the best people in the industry, will continue to offer the most diverse and best design suits, fabric, and accessories choices, as well as cutting edge technological support. Our experts are ready to create your perfect limited edition design you have in mind for your big day! 

We are dedicated to inspire, challenge and reshape the standards of this industry to match federation rules and regulations. We understand first hand the discipline, sacrifice, pain, sweat, tears and sheer will that is needed to bring the best out of you. We promise to deliver that same passion with each suit that we make! Place your order online or Email our dedicated team 24/7!

Ordering with is simple. You can choose to do so by selecting from the product available online or by Contacting Us. We are here to cater to your every requirement, including advice and suggestions based on your competition requirements. We are more than happy to accommodate any special request and/or design you have in mind. You can Schedule a Consult FREE of charge, or Call Us directly at +1-646-755-9535. We look forward to working with you soon!

✔               No.1 choice for competition suits & fitness bikinis by industry vendors!
✔               Made by Actual Athletes!
✔               Source of Competition Suits / Figure Suits Production!
✔               10 years experience in competition suits industry!
✔               Biggest Product Range offered online! Million Design Combinations!
✔               No middlemen involved! All savings passed to customers!
✔               Ethical and Sustainable Business Practice!
✔               Environmental Friendly Procurement!
✔               24/7 Excellent Customer Service!
✔               Secure payment & fastest delivery worldwide!
✔               We Love what we do! And we want this sport to thrive!
✔               Products Designed in California and New York!
✔               FREE SHIPPING in USA!
✔               Part of Proceeds go to CHARITY and in Supporting Disabled Athletes


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