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Returns and Alterations Policy

Please note that we do not have a returns policy, as each order has been exclusively made just for you in your selected style and design. However, if your item does not fit you, we will work to help correct this issue. 

Keep in mind that when you first receive your suit, it should fit slightly small unless you are already at your stage weight. As you get closer to the show, your suit should fit better. If that is not the case, for an easy fix, we do provide alteration tabs at the back of the bottom. If you are unsure on how the suit fits Contact us with front and back photos of you wearing the suit and we'll provide the best solution for you. 

Do try on your order as soon as you get it. Do not wait until it becomes too late for us to help you solve any fitting issues. If you find that your suit will not fit you on show day, please contact us within 2 working days of receiving your suit and no less than 15 days before your show. 

Remakes will be decided based on the feedback given to us.

Our remake order timeline

Remakes take 14 working days to create and ship. We prioritize remakes, so you can receive your order in time for your show.

What constitutes for a New Suit?

 Many factors influence the fit of the suit. As this is essentially a physique transformation platform, some of these factors are within our control, and some are not. Once we have both identified your target stage physique, we have both agreed to work to that goal and not deviate from the measurements set.

  • We will make you a new suit provided there are fitting errors. 
  •  We will make you a new suit if you have received an incorrect order in terms of style, design and fabric/crystal colors.
  • If a remake is in order, you will have to return the incorrect suit you received in an unworn, unwashed and undamaged condition.
  • Please note that remake and alteration requests must be made within 3-4 working days of receiving your order and no less than 15 days before your show.

What does not constitute a Remake?

  • We make the suit based on the stage weight you give us. If the suit does not fit because you have not reached your target weight or have exceed your target weight, this will not constitute for a new suit/ remake. Should you need a new suit for a new stage weight, we are happy to make you a new suit at an extra charge. It can be difficult to forecast your body weight, especially if you are competing for the first time, so the best way to avoid receiving a suit that does not fit is by keeping us updated on your condition or getting a Practice Suit. If you think you will not meet your target condition and think this may affect your bikini/suit size, just let us know!
  • It is your responsibility to order to correct back bottom cut. Please make sure you order the correct cut for your league. We make your suit based on the top, bottom and connectors styles you selected.   
  • We will not remake your order if you decide not to compete in the show you originally specified but wish to use the suit for later shows. This is because your suit is created  based on the information provided and your expected stage physique for a specific show date. We cannot alter or make you a new suit for a later show. If you decide not to compete, please contact us as soon as possible so we can place your order on hold and make adjustments for your later show. There will extra charges if we need to remake a new top/bottom for you for your later show.
  • We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to original colors as possible. However, due to inconsistencies of various monitors, phones, lighting sources and digital photography, we cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of the product. Therefore, this does not constitute for a remake of an item. 
  • We will not remake your suit if it has been used/worn for a show or damaged. These suits are delicate and we urge that you handle them with care. 

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