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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Why should I choose Competition Suit Shop and not other brands? represents dedication, commitment, passion, skill and most importantly - intricate competing knowledge, with our core founders having competed and crafted their own suits for competition. We know what it takes, in terms of training and the physical demand, as well as the meticulous preparation required for show time! 

Our sole purpose is to help put your hard-work, talent and commitment on stage. We want this platform to excel and inspire more to take up this sport. This is why, after years of producing for other brands, we are making our own brand. We want to offer the most affordable rates to give every competitor a chance to shine! We will be there with you every step of the way, your success is our goal!

How will I know if my Competition Suit will fit me perfectly?

All our competition suits are custom-made exclusively for you. They are made to your exact body measurements, using our skilled experts and personal knowledge combined with statistical analysis of athletic morphology. A perfect melange of science and craft, we take into account all factors such as height, hips ratio, bra size and implants allowance, as well as weight loss programmes that you and your coach(es) have planned out.

In addition, Practice Suits are also offered online - this is a pre-decorative suit (think of it as a canvas or mould template) to assess the final size of the finished product. We do this so you do not have to worry about any last minute adjustment or alterations that may affect the performance of your competition.

How much will my Competition Suit cost?

We offer the best prices in the industry. With our ongoing promotion, our Practice Suits costs only $119, our Bikini Competition Suits start at just $299 and our Figure Competition Suits starts at just $379!

We are also offering FREE SHIPPING!

How we price our product? The total cost of the product will depend on the extensive nature of the suit. Suits that require more crystallization and therefore more attention to detail are more labor intensive, and will naturally reflect a higher price. We do guarantee the best prices in the industry as we make our own suits, and we do not buy from a third party source!

How to clean and maintain your products?

It is simple to clean and maintain your products. To clean your suit please follow these steps:

  1. Fill up your sink with lukewarm water and washing detergent. 

  2. Simply bathe your suit gently in lukewarm water and scrub it lightly

  3. Soak your suit for one minute (not more), then rinse in cold water. 

  4. Gently squeeze out excessive water before letting it naturally dry out in a ventilated area. (Do not wring the suit!)


How long will it take to get my order delivered?

The delivery time for our competition bikinis is between 5-6 weeks. The delivery time for our figure competition suits is between 8-10 weeks.  The exact delivery time will depend on several factors including date of order, quantity order, and competition schedules. We also need to factor into account our interactions with our customer, to get the required information for the suits, which may affect turnaround time.

What to do if my Competition Suit does not fit?

If your competition bikini or figure suit doesn't fit you well, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team. Rest assured, we value customer satisfaction as our highest priority, and we will do our best to help remedy the situation. Please note that we will require a minimum period of two weeks to fix any issues with the product.

Please also note that the customer is required to return the original order in an unused condition at their own expense. Our company will not be responsible for fixing, altering or remaking the order if the product has been used.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, an email notification will be sent to you with the details of your shipping and tracking information. You can also contact us to check on the progress and the status of your delivery.

My competition is in 20 weeks! Is it too early to order? What size should I buy?

It is never too early to place an order for your fitness bikini or competition suit. Our products are created with state-of-art, premium grade, four-way stretched nylon-spandex fabrics based on years of experience in the industry. The fabric will render an appropriate shape and silhouette regardless of weight fluctuations during competition preparations. 

With innovative technology exclusive to your bikini and figure suits are flexible and adjustable. 

In addition, we also leave approximately two inches of fabric allowance, seamed meticulously into our connectors. These intricate details, based on our expertise, will help facilitate any alterations that may need to be done on your competition suit, seamlessly, cost-effectively, and conveniently, at your local seamstress or tailor.

I would like to upgrade my suit to another design, can I upgrade my existing Competition Suit order?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing orders provided the suit has not been shipped, and you accept the extra surcharges and any additional delivery times that may incur. Please contact our customer service team if you wish to upgrade your order.

What is the return policy of

You can cancel your order anytime! Yes you heard that right. But as our products are custom-made i.e. they have been specifically ordered and created for you, we reserve the right to refund the amount subject to work done on your order. For more information kindly refer to the Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy pages.

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