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Wellness Competition Suits



Bikini Wellness Competition: Everything you need to know

In the wild, big world of bodybuilding competitions, there is always more room for innovation and evolution. IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and the NPC bikini organizations (National Plybody Committee) have introduced another category for female athletes to compete in: the wellness division. 

Since its official release in 2020, the wellness division has offered female athletes many new opportunities. This division showcases their incredible physiques and allows female athletes to compete in another challenging arena. 

Let's discuss what the Wellness Division is. 

The wellness division was first introduced in 2020. Its main motive was to cater to female athletes by highlighting their muscular lower bodies while maintaining symmetry and aesthetics. Unlike traditional bikini competitions, where athletes focus mainly on keeping a balanced physique with little emphasis on lower body muscles, the wellness category encourages athletes to enhance their glute, leg, and calf muscles. 

Wellness division: Who can compete in it?

The best thing about the wellness division is its inclusivity. Any athlete can compete in the division, but if you have naturally muscular legs, you will have the upper hand in the competition. This division gives an ideal platform for athletes who possess a perfectly balanced upper body and some lower body muscle mass. 

Let's dig a little deeper into the aesthetic goals of the Wellness Division…

The main aesthetic goals of the wellness division revolve around achieving a feminine yet muscular physique. If you plan to compete, you must showcase slightly more muscle mass than an athlete in the bikini division. Another thing you need to know is to strike a balanced look, avoid excessive muscle striations while putting on whole emphasis, have round glutes, and have well-defined thighs. 

If you have competed in the bikini division, you need to know that the wellness division competitors may have a slightly higher body fat level to complement their muscular bodies. Wellness competitions must have the same defined abs as the bikini division. Regarding the shoulders, wellness competitors should not have shoulders as described in the physique category. However, they should also be more developed than the bikini division and still be underdeveloped than that of figure competitors. 

Your lower body development should display separation and not many striations. You need to have full, round glutes with some hamstring, and glute separation is encouraged. The wellness division requires more glute development than in a bikini without being as lean as a figure and physique athlete. There are no specific restrictions on jewelry for wellness, figure, or bikini competitions. 

What do you need to know about the wellness competition suit?

The rhinestone bikini you choose for your competition matters a lot, and it can make or break your score. Your fitness bikini suit can help present a more polished and professional look on stage. The wellness division has set a specific set of rules for the rhinestone suit cut you can wear, which is to maintain consistency and fairness among competitors.   

When you decide to compete, you need to wear a two-piece suit that does not connect with your body. This allows athletes to perform their stage poses and move freely. While you can get them made in any pattern and color, your suit must adhere to specific standards. Your micro bikini competition suits need to sit high on the hips so they can feature a V-shaped bikini bottom. One thing to remember is that you can not wear thongs or T-backs. 

How do you prepare for the wellness competition?

Just like any other competition, wellness also demands thorough preparation to increase athletes' chances of winning. Competitors must dedicate time and effort to building the perfect physique, mainly focusing on building the lower body to be more muscular. This preparation instills a sense of determination and focus, driving them towards their goal.

In addition to the physical preparations for the competition, ensure that your suit meets the guidelines. You can carry an extra suit and check it for inspection because if your suit does not comply with the rules, you can be disqualified from the competition. 

The Judging Criteria & Scoring

You need to read the wellness judging criteria very carefully. This year, the judges want a balanced physique with a more masculine lower body. If you decide to compete, you need to showcase proper symmetry and an overall aesthetic appearance. How you present yourself on stage will matter a lot; this includes your confidence, posing routine, the perfect rhinestone bikini, and the perfect stage walk. If you perfect all these, you can increase your score. 


Beyond this, the wellness division promotes a more holistic approach to fitness and health. If you plan to participate in a wellness competition, you can provide others with a passionate and supportive environment about fitness. 

The wellness category in the bodybuilding world has promoted inclusivity for women around the world. It has given female athletes another chance to showcase their masculine lower bodies while also embracing overall body symmetry. 

Be aware that competing in the wellness division can open many new doors to hundreds of opportunities. 

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