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Figure Competition Suits



How can you enhance your performance with the right Figure Suit and Posing Gear? 

Welcome to Competition Suit Shop, the only place for you to choose the perfect figure suit for your competition day. Our store is your one-stop destination for premium quality fitness and figure-posing suits. We take great pride in offering athletes made-to-order figure competition suits designed to help you shine the brightest on stage. Our figure suits and rhinestone bikinis are tailored to your perfect sizes; this helps accentuate your hard-earned curves in the best way possible. Our top goal is to help you look the best standing among the other ten athletes. 

Be sure that Competition Suit Shop offers you the top quality and service for all your fitness competition needs. 

Figure Competition Suits: Make your stage presence matter more

Figure competition suits are specifically made for athletes competing in figure competitions; we can custom-make the full suit for you. At Competition Suit Shop, we offer micro bikini competition suits crafted to showcase style and enhance the body you worked so hard for. Our suits strike the perfect balance between functionality and elegance. So, when you step on the stage, your bikini competition suit will shine just the right way and highlight your muscle definition perfectly, with the light hitting you directly. 

You will leave a lasting impression on the judges and audiences alike. Explore our collection of Figure Competition Suits to make your competition day more memorable! 

Why choose Competition Suit Shop this competition season? 

  1. Intricate crystal details—Our details add the right touch of sophistication and sparkle. Our fully rhinestone bikinis can be made with one solid color or two to four different rhinestone color designs. Here, you can find any design for anyone to rock your stage look. 

  2. Bold Colors & Designs—Our vibrant range of colors and patterns will help you stand out. We can custom-make eye-catching patterns for you using bold colors but not too bright that they take the sparkle away from your hard-earned physique. Your suit will look much brighter when you stand under the stage lights. 

  3. Our connector choices: Select what works best for you, whether you prefer a minimal or extravagant look. We can make anything happen. 

Figure Competition Posing 

If you are a new competitor, then you need to learn your posing routine around 6-10 weeks before. Your posing routine can also differ, so research the organization you plan to compete in and ensure you are meeting the proper requirements, make your walk presentable, and ace the posing routine. 

The best way to ace your posing routine is to practice 2-3 times per week; try to hold each pose for at least 20-30 seconds to help your body get used to it. One of the best ways to perfect your posing game is to observe yourself in a full-length mirror, wearing the clothes you will wear for the show. You can also record yourself to ensure you do not make any mistakes when walking on the stage. 

Try practicing on your hardwood gym floor, as the stage floor is also hardwood. If you can, ask someone to take pictures of you when you switch your poses. 

The challenges & thrills of Figure Competitions

Fitness competitions are renowned for the physical demands they require. Athletes in the figure competition category emphasize their muscle definition, which makes them very different from bikini and wellness competitions

When you shop at Competition Suit Shop, you invest in the perseverance and dedication needed to prepare for these competitions. We want to provide athletes with top-notch quality figure competition suits that show their confident side, poise, and readiness to showcase the best possible package of themselves on stage. 

How do you select the perfect rhinestone bikini suit for your competition?

Choosing the right figure competition suit is essential to your success in competitions. When you visit our collections, we offer over 200 different designs, colors, and styles for you to choose from. If you want, you can get a completely new suit design made for you to resonate with your personality to the max. Our expert designers will work closely with you to get the proper crystal design and colors to accentuate your strengths and show authentic elegance on stage. 

Making a lasting impression on the judges & audiences 

Figure competitions consist of two rounds: presentation and athleticism. The presentation round involves athletes showcasing their aesthetic qualities, such as makeup, tan, the right body symmetry, and how well you style your competition suit. The first round is when your figure competition matters the most. If you choose the right rhinestone bikini suit, it will make you stand out from the rest of the athletes on the stage. 

The second round consists of the judges scoring you on the basis of your muscle definition, body conditioning, and athleticism. When you shop with Competition Suit Shop, we can make any intricate design for you to ensure your muscles are put to good use. 

At Competition Suit Shop, we are committed to providing figure athletes with unparalleled quality. We offer NPC bikinis, posing suits, and the perfect jewelry to make your competition day much better. With our custom-made fitness competition suits, you can start your journey to success with the proper determination. 

Figure Competition Bikini Suits Suggestion

Product Name




Athena Figure Competition Suit

Beautiful Coral Pattern in Gradients of Blue, Green, Yellow

Grade A Rhinestones. Free Padded Cups Worth $99


Cosmos Figure Competition Suit

A Stunning Representation of Cosmic Colors!

Grade A Rhinestones. Imported New York Fabrics.


Red Armor Figure Competition Suit

A Solid Red on Red Bikini. Each stone is meticulously placed!

Free Padded Cups Worth $99. Can also be made as a Bikini!


Violet Elite Figure Competition Suit

A Beautiful Pink Competition Suit that’s great for your debut!

Free Shipping! Free Padded Cups! Fabrics from New York.


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