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Bikini Competition Suits



Choosing the Perfect Micro Bikini Competition Suits

When you think about bikini competitions, the thing that comes to mind are the stunning micro bikini competition suits & figure competition suits. These are one of the top highlights of your stage performance and they sparkle brightly under the stage light to grab everyone's attention towards you. But choosing the right micro bikini competition suit can be a big deal. 

So, Competition Suit Shop is here to help you pick the best NPC bikini you need for your big day!

The first thing you need to do is check the organization’s website and make sure to read the specific rules regarding the micro bikini competition suit styles & cuts you are allowed to wear. 

When it comes to choosing your NPC bikini competition suits, you need to think about the color, cut, style, quality, fit, crystals, & connectors. You should wear a competition suit that makes you feel confident on stage. So, take your time when selecting the right suit for your competition day.

What kind of competition suit crystals do you need to have on your competition suit? 

In our opinion, Swarovski crystals are the best choice when it comes to shining the brightest wearing your micro bikini competition suit on stage. However, a lot of competitors think buying suits with Swarovski crystals on them can make them extremely expensive, but not with Competition Suit Shop. Our micro bikini competition suit prices start at $299 only. And you do not need to worry about the crystals falling off, we give you the best quality at the best prices. 

We know when it comes to designing your suit, we know you need to have clear conversations with the designer. We know some athletes have a clear idea of what they want, while others can need a little bit of help. Competition Suit Shop will be with you the entire way, you can schedule a free consultation with us, and we also make free samples of your bikini suit to help make you a better decision. During our free consultation, we discuss different colors, cuts, styles, and any other requirements you might have. 

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when discussing and choosing your competition suit: the color, bottom styles, connectors, and more. 

1. Color 

The color of your micro bikini competition suits can enhance your stage look completely. If you choose popular jewel tones like reds, greens, teals, blues, or purples you might stand out a little more from the crowd and spark a whole lot more than the others. If you have blond hair, blue, teal, and red colors can look stunning on you. If you have brunette hair dark colors like green and purple can look incredible. Lighter colors like yellow, gold, pink, and oranges can wash you out under the stage lights, on the other hand even colors like black and navy blue can blend in with your tan. 

The one thing you need to remember is to choose the color that makes you feel more confident in your body and a suit color that matches well with your personality. Another thing you can do is look at what previous athletes wore and get some inspiration from their suits. Competition Suit Shop will make free suit samples to help you make the right decision. 

2. Bottom Styles

Choosing the right micro bikini competition suit bottom is something you will need to discuss with your coach. You should also read the rules regarding the bottom cuts. The options typically include - Full coverage, Cheeky, Brazilian, Pro & Micro back cuts. Our full coverage cut covers around 50%. Cheeky is for Well Balanced Physiques and rough gives 30% Bottom Coverage. The Brazilian back is made to enhance your bottom shape and gives around 25% coverage. The pro bottom back is for IFBB & NPC athletes and gives about 20% coverage. The bikini bodybuilding competition suit cut is the smallest one we offer and gives 15% coverage (consult with your coach before choosing this one). Whichever cut you choose needs to enhance your bottoms in the best way possible.

3. Top Cup Styles 

As a bikini competitor, you need to focus on a nice and proportionate body, so your cup size will also matter. Even if you don’t have a lot of business in the upper area, you can create the illusion of a bigger chest. When you order from the Competition Suit Shop, we give you free padding (more like pillow padding) to enhance your bust area. Choosing the right connectors is another thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the right top style. You can choose from many connectors, go for the one that best complements your body style and makes you feel confident. A good and sexy connector can add a unique detail to your suit if paired the right way. When it comes to the middle connector, if you have smaller breasts choose a shorter connector, and if you have implants you can choose a bigger connector to enhance your cleavage. 

In conclusion, choosing the right micro bikini competition suits involves a lot of factors and all this hard work is for the best. This is why Competition Suit Shop will help you during the entire process of ordering your NPC bikini competition suits to Posing suits. 

Take your time and explore from over 200 different micro bikini competition suits we have for you. If you want, you can also get a completely new design made. 

Anything for the hardworking ladies!

Good luck! 

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