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Bikini Competition Suits



What is exactly is a Bikini Competition Suit and Micro Bikini Competition Suit?

To understand this, we must first know about Bikini Competitions. Simply put, Bikini Competitions (and Figure Competitions) are physique-exhibition fitness competitions for women. Although similar to bodybuilding, these competitions focus more on muscle definition and not just size. Bikini competitions were introduced as a sport when the popularity of bodybuilding for women started to decline.

Fitness and Bodybuilding Competitions held today are extremely competitive with athletes ranging from professionals to beginner levels. The key divisions for Competitions are Figure Competition, Bikini Competition, Physique Competition, and Fitness Competition.

The first of these physique-exhibition, fitness transformation competition, Figure Competition, was launched as a Women’s bodybuilding sport in the late 1980s as a supplementary category to the dominant male bodybuilding platform. In previous years it was uncommon for women to compete in muscle building competitions and beauty pageants were the main stage for women to compete in.

Bikini Competitions started as a segment to encourage more women (who were not willing to be as muscular as bodybuilders in Figure Competition segments) to participate in fitness and figure transformation sports. It retained traditional aspects of a pageantry competition mixed with professional women’s bodybuilding. It focused less on muscle definition and more on proportion, symmetry, balance, shape and presentation. Bikini Competitions allowed women who didn’t want to be muscular as bodybuilders to have their own platform to shine. The first Bikini Olympia was introduced in 2010, since then it has grown to become the largest and most popular division on the fitness stage.

There are many acclaimed federations that athletes can choose to participate in now. The three most popular federations are The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB, The National Physique Alliance NPC, and The Women Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness WFBB, in addition to the more famous Mr. Olympia and Arnold events. These events are held worldwide and throughout the calendar year.

In order to compete in these events, athletes must wear a Bikini Suit. These competition bikinis are two-piece bathing suits (akin to swimsuits) that are tailor-made exclusively for a competitor taking part in Bikini Competitions. You can find beautiful examples of these handcrafted Bikini Suit, and Bikini Posing Suits at www.competitionsuitshop.com. In addition to Competition Bikini, bikini posing suits and bikini suit, our leading online store also offers figure competition suits, practice suits, robes and accessories to make your perfect, unique, limited-edition outfit for stage!

The competitions (in all segments) features two rounds of pageantry. The first round focuses on presentation of each individual athletes. The judges view and compare competitors from different sides for symmetry and aesthetic qualities such as skin tone, hair, make-up, and stylishness of clothing. This is where the importance of your suit style and design comes into play.

The ultimate goal of a Bikini Competition Suit is to highlight the athletes hard work put into their fitness, nutrition, stage routines and performance and Competition Suit Shop has first-hand knowledge of this, having competed ourselves! Our website offers millions of design combination to create unique non-repeating and limited-edition suits for each competitor. Competition Suit Shop offers a complete customization selection as well as 24/7 customer service with dedicated experts who have competed in IFBB, NPC, and WFBB events. With dedicated expert customer service, competitors can rest assured knowing they have one less thing to worry about and just focus on winning with their perfect suit!

The second round of competition focuses on the athletic qualities of the competitors. Judges will take into account the following criteria - conditioning, leanness, muscularity whilst retaining a “feminine” (not brawny) physique.

What should you should look for in a Bikini Competition Suit? It is absolutely vital to get the perfect competition bikini and finding a company that can deliver the best suit in terms of quality, size, style, design can be such an overwhelming task in addition to focusing on getting in shape

Competition Suit Shop is the premier choice when it comes to choosing the right suit to compete in. Our suits are ideal for all level of athletes, from first-timers to pro level athletes, and designed to enhance your chance of winning your competition. For Pro-Level athletes we offer Micro Bikini Competition Suit. Micro Bikini Competition Suit are specifically patterned and designed to highlight the muscle definition of competing athletes. The suits are 100% handcrafted with state of art quality and crystals. And we also offer bikini posing suits as options for competitors to pre-order to test their stage sizes.

Because we are the direct source of production, our products are offered at the best all-inclusive prices, with no middleman or third-party vendor mark ups!

We are at your service 24/7, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or Schedule a FREE Consultation to best determine your requirements.

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