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Why Buying competition bikini is better than renting it?

Why Buying competition bikini is better than renting it?

Nov 16, 2023

Deciding between renting and buying your micro bikini competition suit? Uncover the key considerations in this guide. From fit to budget, discover the reasons that will shape your confident stage appearance. 

Deciding between renting and buying your micro bikini competition suit? Uncover the key considerations in this guide. From fit to budget, discover the reasons that will shape your confident stage appearance.

You can get bikini competition suits from an online store or nearby shops, but they can be expensive. So, why not just rent one?

People who compete in fitness use micro bikini competition suits to show off their hard-earned body shape and muscles on the stage during the competition. In order to look perfect, athletes need to wear the most fitting competition suit they can find and sometimes renting might not be the best solution.

But if you have started thinking about renting a bikini competition suit for your big day, it's a good way to save money. However, there are some important things to consider.

First, if you plan to borrow a friend's suit, make sure it fits you well. You might not realize that your friend has different measurements, like having 1-inch wider hips or being even 2 inches taller than you. This can affect how the suit looks on you drastically! What looks good on your friend might not be as flattering on you. It's best to figure these things out early to avoid last-minute stress before your big day. There are a lot of factors to think about when picking the right suit for yourself!

That being said, let's point out some of the reasons you need to consider while deciding to rent or buy your next micro bikini competition suit.

Not all Competition Suits are the Same

1. Cost - We know a new bikini competition suit can be an expensive investment even if its a small micro competition bikini. It can range from $300 to $1200 (that's a lot of money). So, if you are planning to rent a suit to save money, it's essential to consider that a small price bargain, like $25 to $50, wouldn't necessarily make a big difference.

In order to look your best on stage, you need a good-quality suit for what you pay. It's also important that the suit fits you well, whether you buy or rent the suit. (A custom-made suit is usually the better option here, as it’ll be specific to your body).

2. Crystal Work - If you decide to buy a new custom-made bikini for the next NPC bikini competition, you can be sure that the crystals are going to glow brightly on the stage. Go for a company that uses heat technology to stick crystals onto their suits instead of glue, as they are more foolproof and have lesser chances of falling off crystals. The crystal quantity is what helps you keep the price of a new suit in check (the smaller the crystals, the cheaper the suit!)

But when you decide to rent a micro bikini competition suit, you should find out what kind of crystals will be on the suit and if you can change some of the connectors to ones that suit your body better. Some companies also allow you to switch out some crystals, and will also rework the suit slightly if needed.

You should also ask what measurements and information they consider before you reserve the suit. These are all important questions because even when you're saving money by renting, you still want the suit to fit you nicely and enhance your body's shape. And if the company does alteration of a rented suit to your size, then you’ve definitely struck a bargain!

3. Sanitary - If you are a clean freak, we strictly advise you to not rent a suit because as a bodybuilding athlete, you know the places it has been to. Imagine wearing a rental NPC bikini suit that somebody has worn while they're sweating. Although most of the companies that rent out suits do wash off the suits beforehand. If you’re renting you also need to know exactly how to clean the suit that you’ve rented, so you can return it as clean as you received it.

When you buy a brand new micro bikini competition suit as opposed to renting one, you can definitely be a bit more relaxed as you don't have to worry about ruining a rented suit or getting a tan on it. Also, for a clean freak, you can be sure that it's absolutely clean and sanitary.

4. Uses - If you are competing in more than one bikini competition, you need to make a harder choice of whether you should buy or rent your micro bikini competition suit. If you wear a rented suit, your rent for 2-3 shows can end up costing you almost the same amount as buying a new suit. Whereas when you decide to buy a brand new suit, you can use it for several bikini competitions. However, you might want to change the way you look from one competition to another. This might be a good chance for you to buy 1 suit and maybe rent another.

So choose carefully.

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