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2023's Micro Bikini Competition Suits

2023's Micro Bikini Competition Suits

Oct 19, 2023

Discover the latest trends in micro bikini competition suits for 2023. Explore sizzling designs, vibrant colors, and custom-made styles. Get ready to rock the stage with confidence. Find your perfect suit today!

Hello to all of you fitness enthusiasts and fans of swimwear! We have some hot news to share with you. The micro bikini competition suits are sweeping the industry in 2023. You've come to the right site if you're looking for the hottest, sexiest, and most fashionable micro bikinis.

To help you in getting the ideal competition bikini cut, we've put up a list of our bikini competition cut styles. Discover them by reading on!

Our mission at Competition Suit Shop is to offer the best custom-fitted competition suits. We want to empower each of you by creating the perfect cut & style to enhance your physique.

We create and revise our bikini designs and patterns annually depending on all fitness competition trends. We have also made all our bikini patterns digital, which helps us discuss styles and cuts very clearly with our customers and make any amendments they might need to fit their bodies in the best possible way.

So let's begin by understanding-

What's a Competition Bikini Suit, anyway?

Bikini competition suits are mostly if not always custom-made to fit the athlete’s bodies perfectly. They are crafted by hand, built to your specific proportions, and decorated with incredibly glittering rhinestones. The cut of the bottom back, bottom front, and even the style of the top are selected by each athlete completely based on their body type and of course their federation.

With our amazing range of bikini competition suits, you can make a statement at your next competition. Each piece is made with care and accuracy to shine and dazzle. We provide the best and most reasonable collection of micro bikini competition suits which have pretty much become the norm these days. Usually, most bikini brands offer different back coverages for their suits, starting from:

  • Moderate Cut, which covers almost 50% of the glutes.
  • Going down to Brazilian which covers about 25% and,
  • Micro-cut, which covers about 15% of one's glutes.
  • A new cut has also come into fashion recently known as the Olympian or the Super Micro (in our CSS language). This cut is usually for athletes with very well-defined glutes and covers about 7-10% of the glutes only.

Our bikini competition suits have the following features:

  • Shiny rhinestones that make you dazzle on stage
  • A high-quality 4-way stretch spandex fabric that curves around your body highlighting all your well-defined muscles
  • Connectors on the side of your crystal bikini, are jeweled accessories that make your suit shine even brighter on stage focus on your shoulders, and emphasize on your torso and oblique muscles.
  • We also offer adjustable bottom waist sizes using the hooks provided at the back. It helps you fit into your suit even if you lean down more or less than expected initially.

Now, let's talk about Micro Bikini Competition Suits.

Micro bikinis are super-duper skimpy suits that show off a lot of skin. A micro bikini competition suit for female athletes is like a super tiny and flashy bikini bottom style that roughly covers 15% of your bottom. The micro cut also resembles a thong shape. A micro bikini cut is mostly worn by pro athletes competing on an international level. These suits show off their muscles and look pretty cool.

Why Choose a Micro Bikini?

Micro bikinis are all the rage because they allow you to flaunt your hard-earned glutes more. Plus, they're great for tanning, as they minimize tan lines.

But how do you decide to opt for a micro bikini cut design? The style of your bikini competition suit will help accentuate your muscles better. This is why it’s essential to know your strengths and limitations. For instance, if your waist is short, you should think about having the bikini waist slightly lowered to create the appearance of a longer torso and highlight your abs in return. On the other hand, if your waist is long, you can have it raised a little to create the appearance of a more proportionate waistline.

It also depends on how much skin you’d like to show. Sometimes women who have had a c-section with marks opt for a modest scoop front bikini so the marks can be hidden. Otherwise, if you’d like your bikini to go lower and elongate your torso, the V-cut front works very well for that. When choosing the finest cut for you, it's important to consider any scars or tattoos that you may have. Custom-made bikinis or suits can help conceal or lessen the visibility of a scar or tattoo.

But before you decide on the back coverage, you need to do a thorough research. Federations frequently have strict guidelines for the cut and coverage of bikini competition suits. Understanding the regulations is crucial because breaking them could, regrettably, lead to disqualification. It would be terrible to not win after all your hard work, so learning the regulations for your division is not just important—it's crucial!

You also have to feel comfortable in your bikini suit. You want to enjoy your time on the stage, not worry about your suit the entire time. This is why Competition Suit Shop can custom-make the micro bikini competition suit style for you, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances your confidence and performance.

The most important tip of all – wear your bikini competition suit with confidence! Rock your style and pose on the stage without any hesitation.

If you're eager to get your hands on one of these sizzling micro bikini competition suits, be sure to check out our website. We've got all the latest styles, colors, and designs to make your show day more memorable!

And for more valuable insights on embracing confidence and style with micro bikini competition suits, don't forget to read our previous blog, 'Micro Bikini Competition Suits: Embracing Confidence and Style'.

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