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Bikini Bodybuilding and the Perfect Suit: Your Winning Combination

Bikini Bodybuilding and the Perfect Suit: Your Winning Combination

Nov 02, 2023

Are you dreaming of competing in a bikini bodybuilding competition but don't know where to start? Our guide breaks down the essentials, from the dedication required to the financial investments. 

Have you ever fantasized about partaking in a bikini bodybuilding competition and just don't know where to start? Getting ready for your first bodybuilding competition can be a mix of excitement and nervousness, but the achievement will totally be worth it.

Bikini bodybuilding contests are extremely popular right now. About 15,000 female athletes join the National Physique Committee (NPC) competitions every year. All working hard for a moment on stage, each with a different motivation. (The NPC organization is where amateur Bikini competitors would first take the stage before they go pro with IFBB.)

Bikini bodybuilding competitions are not just about the glitz and glam, getting a tan and wearing a shiny bikini. It's a way of life. You've got to be super committed, and that means spending months on end to prepare for just a few minutes on stage.

Bikini competitions, as fun, as they are, it can get very expensive. If you're a newbie, you need to know that it is a big investment:

  • Coach for competition: $100–$300 a month
  • Posing coach: $50-$100 per hour
  • Heels: $85 -$120 for competition heels
  • Spray tans: $125-$150
  • Hair and makeup: $100-$300 for the whole package
  • Bikini: $300-$1000 or more, depending on design and whether it’s custom-made

These are just the basics, you’ll also need to take into account your grocery expenses, supplements, gym memberships, and if you are traveling for a show then transportation and accommodation costs as well. Yep, the prices can add up. But think about when you win, you also win big!

So, what happens at a Bikini Competition?

These bodybuilding shows happen all over the world, all year long, in different places. Organizations like the National Physique Committee (NPC Bikini Competitions) put on these events, and they follow pretty similar rules.

At the show, there are different categories. These include Bikini, Figure, Physique, Fitness, and Bodybuilding, and each has its own rules about how much muscle definition contestants need.

The "Bikini Bodybuilding" category is for those with the least amount of muscle compared to the other categories. To compete in a bikini bodybuilding competition, you need some muscle to shape your body nicely, full and rounded glutes with a little separation between the hamstring and glute area, and a bit of roundness in the delts (those shoulder muscles have to be on point). It's very simple, think toned muscles, not super bulky ones. This category usually has the most number of new contestants and then they work their way up to other categories.

Competitors in the bikini bodybuilding category are sorted into different groups based on age and height. The process is quite simple if you think about it, you go up on stage, and the judges decide based on how well you pose and carry yourself, they judge based on your body shape, and how balanced your muscles are. Each group can have 15 to 30 or even more competitors.

Another thing that the judges judge you hard on is the competition suit you will be wearing on the stage. Wearing something that is not within the organization’s rules can get you disqualified.

Bikini Bodybuilding Competition Suits

Whether you've been competing for a while or you're just getting started, there are some key things you should understand about your bikini bodybuilding suit before you take on stage.

Bikini competition suits are not your regular bikinis. They're custom-made just for your body so it fits perfectly. The best part is that these bikinis are decorated with shiny crystals that reflect well with stage lights which makes it all so beautiful.

If you want to stand out in your next competition, check out Competition Suit Shop These bikinis are made with attention to detail, and they're designed to fit perfectly as well as sparkle and shine.

Here are some fun facts about NPC bikini suits:

  • They have lots of sparkling crystals and rhinestones to put the spotlight on you on the stage.
  • They're made specifically for competitions.
  • They come in different fabrics like shiny spandex, velvet, metallics that look like leather, satin spandex, and more.

Just make sure you pick a bikini that fits the rules of your competition, whether it's NPC, IFBB, OCB, CPA, or any other federation you're planning to compete in.

When you pick your bikini competition suit, you've got to make sure it fits just right. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. It’s always better if it’s adjustable.

Here's what you should do – Whoever you buy your bikini bodybuilding suit from, give them your measurements and let them know what weight you plan to be at for show day. That way, when they make your custom bikini suit, they can factor in the weight loss, so it fits you perfectly.

If you are looking for a new bikini bodybuilding suit, check out Competition Suit Shop, they offer over 150 competition suit designs to choose from.

After you pick your NPC bikini, you need to focus on your stage-posing game. In these NPC bikini competitions, your poses really matter. You need to flaunt your curves, and hit the right poses confidently. Make sure you practice your poses as often as you can. Your posing routine is just as important as having the right muscles on stage. Think about getting a posing coach to assist you. They can fix your posture and make sure you rock the stage.

Making an Impression on Stage

Once your poses are on point, it's time to focus on how you act on stage. When you're up there, you've got to look confident and make sure you are having fun. Smile, stand tall, make eye contact with judges and don't be afraid to show your personality. This is your moment to shine!

Getting Ready

Make sure you're all set for the competition. Get a good night's sleep before the big day. Pack all your essentials, and have a show day checklist such as bring snacks like rice cakes and water with you. Here’s a show day checklist you can use as reference

Click here to go to the checklist.

You've Got This! With the perfect suit, great poses, and a positive attitude, you're going to rock the stage. So, go out there and show everyone what you're made of!

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