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The Most Popular Colors for Competition Suits in 2024

The Most Popular Colors for Competition Suits in 2024

Jan 08, 2024

2024 is already here, and with it the excitement of the new season starts all over again. Many of you are about to enter prep, as competitions kick off thick and fast with some major franchises such as the Arnold Sports Festival, Musclecontest, Klash Series, and Amateur Olympia all coming back in full force to meet unprecedented rise in Women’s bodybuilding! It is truly a good time to be a female fitness bikini competitor!

Of course the most popular question on everyone’s mind is what Competition Bikini color should I look at in 2024. Well, we’re here to offer some great suggestions of this year’s most anticipated Competition Bikini colors across all NPC Bikini Divisions.

The Olympia is the pinnacle of our sport, and with it comes all benchmarks, including fashion statements. Based on last year’s 2023 Ms. Olympia winners, we can definitely say that shades of Green and Red Competition will be the dominant colors of choice for NPC Bikini athletes.

Bikini Competition Suit

Jennifer Dorie crowned 2x Ms. Bikini Olympia, wore an absolutely stunning teal green competition bikini, which will definitely be a fashion statement for many aspiring to be like the champ herself.

Shades of Green will definitely be a hit amongst NPC Bikini athletes competing in 2024, thanks to Jennifer Dorie’s 2023 crowning achievement!

Of course we say “shades of” because your suit should ultimately be a reflection of yourself. It should take into consideration other aspects of your pageantry and the package you’re bringing to stage - including make-up, jewelry and of course your tan.

We offer hundreds of design options in Green, and this may sound overwhelming, but it’s as simple as just sending us a DM on Instagram (@competitionsuitshop) or emailing us at and we’ll have a dedicated professional help you get your perfect competition bikini.

Discover your dream custom-made bikini today, in various shades of green at CompetitionSuitShop

Wellness Competition Suit

For Wellness Competition Suits, we are confident that the classic red is here to stay! Thanks to the sheer brilliance of Francielle’s dominance on stage at Ms. Olympia 2023 (Wellness)

Red Fitness Bikinis have always been a fan favorite, but have not always been a winner on the main Olympia stage (strangely). We always tell our clients “when in doubt, go with red” or “you can never go wrong with red” so it’s redeeming to see this classic color featured perfectly on an Olympian. Francielle’s use of minimalism to accentuate her physique played off perfectly and this is what Red Competition Bikinis can offer you - you can opt for a red on red minimalistic sparkle, go for a gradient theme, or a complete contrast of red with another color of your choice.

CompetitionSuitShop offers you hundreds of Red Wellness Competition Bikini choices, all custom-made to your size, style and design

Figure / Physique

Introducing world’s first Camo designed Figure Suits that is designed with Grade-A Rhinestone to accentuate, compliment and make you a verified Force Majeure on Stage!

For Figure, Physique and Fitness bikinis divisions, Competition Bikini Patterns are still very much in play. Cyndey Gillion won her unprecedented 7x Ms. Olympia (Figure) division in a beautiful patterned figure suit, and in that spirit we are excited to introduce our new Camo Collection for our NPC Bikinis, and Figure Suits.

These patterns have been a labor of love, and each pattern has been intricately designed to be embellished with Grade-A Rhinestones on Patented Competition Bikini Fabrics, designed in New York. Our Camo Figure Suits are designed to exude and accentuate your strong physique and package that you bring to stage, making you a verified force majeure!

Check out our latest Figure Competition suits collection today.

While we anticipate that Shades of Red, Green and our new Camo Collection will be the trend-setters for 2024, we do not discount other colors that have stood the test of time in NPC Bikini competitions, namely, Blue, Pink, and Purple.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference, and we at Competition Suit Shop, have the pleasure of making your dream Competition Bikini come alive. Each suit is 100% custom-made just for you. You can send us a design you have in mind and we’ll make a FREE mock design for you. Our suits are the best priced on the market. We are committed to offering a fair pricing policy, without compromising on quality, to encourage more athletes to take up this sport that we love and we will be with you every step of the way!

Looking forward to seeing you all shine on stage in 2024!

Division Winners of 2023 Olympia - The Suit that Sets the Tone for 2024!

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