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How to choose a Competition Suit

How to choose a Competition Suit

Apr 30, 2022

Dear Readers, I know many of you are interested in this topic as we did get many questions on how to choose a competition suit. First and foremost, you pick your suit depending on the organization you plan to compete in. You can check their websites to see what their requirements are and pick your suit accordingly.

We competed in 2016 and surely things have changed since then. Being in this business and being in touch with many competitors across the world gives us an idea on how the trends are changing. Even though we’re giving you all some tips, it's highly recommended that you check your organization's requirements prior to placing your competition suit order. You can always reach out to us at CompetitionSuitShop and we’ll help you look into the rules of your federation so you can feel at ease.

The number one thing I start with is choosing a color for my suit, a color that will best compliment me. I recommend you do the same, start with picking a suit color you like. Wearing something you like will surely make you feel confident and sexy on show day. You can always take suggestions from your near and dear ones but always go with a color you like best. 

Something to keep in mind when picking your suit color is not to pick a color that suits your natural skin tone. Keep in mind that you will have spray tan on your body for show day and depending on the spray tan company you pick, it can make you look gold or bronze. So go for a color that will not wash you out. Some competitors also get their hair colored for show day so you also want to take that into consideration. Blonde hair versus black hair will compliment different colors of suit. Plan ahead of time, if you are getting your hair colored or highlighted choose a suit that will go well with your hair color and add to your glow on stage. 

Having competed ourselves, we understand that competing can take a financial toll. We, at CompetitionSuitShop make Competition Bikinis, Competition Figure and Physique suit, Practice suit, Robes and jewelry all offered to you at an extremely reasonable price. You can always call us, message or email us, we’d be more than happy to help you out! CompetitionSuitShop is designed to be very flexible. If you like a bikini suit design but want it made into a figure, we can have that made into a figure suit for you and vice versa. You may like one of our designs but want to change the fabric and crystal color to match your hair and eye color, we can make those changes for you as well. We’ll send you mock swatches to approve before we start production. We like to add several crystal colors to our bikinis to make it stand out rather than going with one solid crystal color. But this is entirely up to you! Literally put, your wish is our command! We make sure your order process is hassle free. 

Like none other, CompetitionSuitShop makes their own thread, fabric and connectors in house! Yes, you heard that right, we don't out-source raw materials, so you can wear those connectors without a worry, it's not going to break or scratch your skin. 

As mentioned we are there for you every step of the way but if you’d like to do your own research and don't know where to start, we recommend doing a quick google image search to find our look and feel. You can also browse our social media to view someone who has similar hair and eye color as you to see what they wore and what you think of their bikini color. As always our expert panel is at hand to help you with your requirements so please do not hesitate to email us!

CompetitionSuitShop offers 5 different back coverage cuts for our bikini competitors and 3 back coverage for our Figure competitors. Many competitors do not prefer Moderate coverage because it covers 50% of your glutes. Having worked so hard on your body, you would definitely want to show your glutes. However, we recommend checking with the federation you are competing with to see how much coverage is required and going with what you are comfortable with. 

When ordering from CompetitionSuitShop you can also choose your cup styles that best compliment your bust shape and size. You can also pick the connectors of your choice; there are no extra charges to these selections. A tip for you when selecting your connectors - choose something that will suit your body type. Thick connectors or connectors with many layers will look better on someone who has a leaner lower body, thinner legs versus thin connectors would look better on someone with thicker and more curvy lower body. If you like, you can match your top connectors with your bottom hip connectors or they can be different, totally depending on what you like. 

We absolutely love making suits that shine when on stage! You want to shine and glow and make it pop. The right suit with our crystals will 100% make you stand out on stage and that’s the look you want to go for! 

It is not compulsory to wear Jewelry on stage but you will certainly not want to skip this. Accessories can help add to your final look. We suggest thick shiny bracelets and rings so you can show them off while posing, but this is completely up to you. However, when picking out your earrings, if you have a short neck, don’t go for an earring that is very long. It will fold on your shoulders or can tangle with your top connectors and that can be irritating. If you have a longer neck, then without a doubt pick an earring that is big and long. Always go for sparkly accessories on stage. The stage light will hit those diamonds and that will complete your look. 

Hopefully this quick read will help you get started with your competition suit selection, and as always, should you need any help, give us a shout!

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