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How much does it cost to participate in a bodybuilding competition?

How much does it cost to participate in a bodybuilding competition?

Apr 18, 2022

No doubt that many of you are wondering how much does it cost to do a bikini / physique bodybuilding competition. It is hard to give an exact number, things like food and the price of the gym you go to will vary but I’d still like to give you a ballpark figure of the expenses pertaining to this sport. I can guarantee you, that CompetitionSuitShop will be offering you the prices!

Competition prep can be anywhere between 2-6 months depending on the shape of your body and how much time you need to be stage ready. The longer your prep time, the more you spend. The overall cost could come up to USD$2500 - USD$4500. I will do my best to list the entire spendings for you below.

Let’s start with the most important thing you will need to begin,

A Coach/ Trainer: Everyone needs a coach, even the pros or even coaches themselves will have a trainer when they compete. You can have all the knowledge in the world about bodybuilding but sometimes it can get tough to apply it when you are overwhelmed. So, you will need a competition prep coach who is experienced and can guide you through the preparation process. You will want to choose a coach who can also be there for you on your competition day. You can select a coach who will be able to help you with nutrition or consult a nutritionist for your meal plans at an extra cost. The price for a coach will vary and depend on the experience of your coach. An in person coach can cost up to USD$75 - USD$150 per session and an online coach could be about USD$120- $250 a month.

Gym Membership: You will need a gym membership. The gym you choose will be your second home for the next 18 weeks or so and this can cost anywhere from USD$20 to $60 a month. If you live in a condo or a building that has a gym with all the machines you need, you may be able to save on gym membership but do choose a gym that will have all the equipments you will be needing for your training. You don’t want to be compromising on this!

Federation Membership/ Registration and Entry fee: Registration process varies for each federation and costs anywhere between USD$50 -$100. You might be able to get a discount during early bird registration. As for Membership fee, all shows require you to be a member to compete. You are looking at a total of USD$250 - $300  for these fees.

Posing Coach: Hitting the right poses on stage is crucial. Each federation will have their own requirements, make sure you are acing these poses. There are group posing sessions for about USD$30- $50. However, if you do want a private session it could cost about USD$50- $100 per hour. Do not wait till you are a couple of weeks out to start posing. It is important that you get comfortable with the required poses.

Competition Bikini/ Figure suit: Your suit can surely make you stand out on stage. You will want a suit that fits you perfectly, something that will compliment your physique and you feel confident in it. CompetitionSuitShop offers an affordable range of competition suits that shines beautifully on stage. You can select from the designs they offer or even design your own. Having competed myself, I understand how expensive and overwhelming it can be and offering a maximum amount of support for you is our goal. We have fully decorated suits starting at USD$299, custom made to your size and style.

Jewellery: You will want to accessorise. Jewellery can help bring that extra bling on stage. You do not need to break the bank for this. Let us help you save where you can! We at CompetitionSuitShop are offering sparkling Rings, Bracelets and Earrings at an affordable range starting at just USD$12 for rings and $20 for Bracelets and $17 for a pair of earrings.

Like no other, we also offer Hair clips to add that extra touch of shine! Check out our latest collection today.

Competition Heels: Federations do have rules on the height of heels you should wear so do check on the rules before buying your heels. Put your best foot forward with simple clear heels. Heels cost about USD$50 - $100.

Groceries: Get ready to spend more than what you usually do on food. You will be eating more frequently and adding a lot more whole foods and proteins to your diet. Eating out will cost you much more, so be mindful, spend time on meal preps. This is a personal estimate of USD$100 per week.

Supplements: This truly does vary. You could end up spending more than USD$300 a month. I recommend sticking to the basic vitamins, protein powder, BCAA. Do your research, see what works and  set aside USD$100 a month for supplements.

Hair, Makeup and Nails: You can certainly do your own hair and makeup if you have the skills for it. If you are like me and prefer to get it done professionally, Hair would cost USD$60 - $100. As for your makeup, you will need to do dark makeup to match the Tan on your body. A professional makeup artist will charge up to USD$150. Nails are absolutely optional. It would look nice to have them done to achieve the overall glam. You can get them done by a professional for USD$60 or you can do them yourself. Hair, Nails and Make up will add up to USD$300.

Competition Tan: Absolutely necessary and should be done by professionals. You do not want to be saving on this by trying to do this at home. You do not want any uneven patches, you will want a beautiful tan, evened out. There usually are professional tanners at the show. Book yours in advance so you are not stressing and leaving things last minute. They charge about USD$100- $150.

Hair Removal: YES! Ladies, please do not skip this step. How much you choose to spend on this is up to the hair removal method you choose but make sure you remove all the hair from every part of your body. You can wax, use a hair removal cream, shave, get a laser done and the price will depend on the method you select USD$40 - USD$250.

Robes/ Cover ups: This is optional but surely a cute thing to have! Once you are all dressed in your suit and waiting to get on stage, you may not want to roam around in your competition suit alone so a robe could give you the comfortable cover up you need. CompetitionSuitShop will crystallise any name you want on the back of your robe for merely $89. Check it out.

Accommodation: Staying at the hotel where there is athlete registration, meetings will make the process easier for you. You are looking at USD$100- $175 per night.

Travel: Depending on the location of the show, you may need to spend on car/ gas, plane tickets if the show is far from where you live. If you choose a show that is in a different country then travel prices surely go higher. Competing in local shows can help you save a hefty sum.

Stage photos: You do not want to reply just on memory, spending a few extra dollars on your stage photos will surely be worth it. Some venues do not allow cameras other than official photographers and they offer packages for about USD$50- $150. For shows that do allow you to take your cameras in, you don’t want to risk getting blurry pictures on your phone. You have worked so hard to be on that stage, having good stage photos will be an amazing experience you can look back on.

Tickets for friends and family: Having your loved ones celebrate your accomplishments and cheer you on is an amazing thing. Attending these shows are not cheap but you definitely want your folks there! Depending on the show a ticket is about USD$40-$80.

Massage and Physio: Getting physio done every now and then can help speed up the recovery process.

And lastly, Bikini bite: For USD$10 you can prevent your bikini from moving on stage and keep everything in place.

I would end by saying, there is a lot that goes on emotionally, mentally, financially, physically  in a competition prep. No matter how much you spend and train, always remember, Confidence is key on stage!

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