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Best Bikinis for Competition

Best Bikinis for Competition

Oct 12, 2023

Get the winning edge with our guide on choosing the perfect bikini competition suit. Explore the best cuts, colors, and crystal options to make your stage presence shine. Elevate your bikini competition game with expert tips. Dive into the art of winning!

We imagine you're all pumped up for your first bikini competition, and you see these super sparkly suits that you're falling in love with every time you’re scrolling on Instagram! But, you're kinda wondering what exact detail will it be that will make you shine on stage, and make you the start of the show!

Picking your first suit can be quite daunting, especially with prices ranging anywhere from $300 to $1000. Yikes!

Don't worry, though! We got you, girl! We're on a mission to help you pick a suit that makes you shine like a superstar on show day and feel incredibly confident and cool as you strut your stuff across that stage. It's all about helping you radiate confidence and feel absolutely amazing on the most important day of your life!

Choosing the Right Suit for Your Bikini Competition

Choosing the perfect micro bikini competition suit is super important as you head closer to your competition. So, let's dive into some tips on how to go about it.

Let's talk about where to begin with competition bikini suit selection. It's not just about what's trendy or cute, it's about what suits your body, your personality, and the competition rules.

1. Decide on a Federation for Your Bikini Competition

First off, figure out the rules and regulations of the federation you're planning to compete in. Okay, so imagine you're all excited about picking out your competition suit. That's awesome! But here's the thing, you’ve got to make sure your suit complies with all the rules of that particular show so there are no issues when you walk on the stage.

Through the years, most organizations have moved on to have similar rules about what suits you can wear. However, sometimes, there are tiny differences, especially when it comes to how much of your skin your competition bikini suit can cover. So, it's good to know these little details!

The best way is to check out their website as they usually have information on what kind of bikinis work for them. Nowadays most divisions and organizations in bodybuilding have similar rules which makes it slightly easier if you want to switch organizations closer to the show date. But, it’s still best to check these things beforehand!

2. Choose the Right Color for Your Bikini Competition Suit

You want your suit to stand out on stage so pick a contrasting color from your skin. If you are a first-timer, you can try some jewel tones. Maybe go for greens, blues, purples, and those beautiful signature reds (Honestly, we think you can never go wrong with red). Be prepared if you have ordered a light color, get the darkest shade of tan in your life with it so the entire look looks more together.

If you're a newbie, blue is a safe bet. It goes well with dark tan shades, pops on stage, and suits any hair or eye color (Better safe than sorry). But be careful with super light colors—they might wash out on stage if they mix with your hair color. As a first-time competitor, you can try dark colors because these work best under those bright lights.

You also need to keep your hair color in mind because you don’t want them to match. If you have blonde hair, go for a dark-colored bikini. If you have dark brown hair, choose a lighter shade of bikini fabric.

3. Add Some Sparkle to Your Bikini Competition Suit

No micro bikini competition suits are complete without some bling on it! The more the merrier! It is important to understand that the higher the number of crystals gets on the bikini, the price of the bikini increases. However, to help your pocket in this situation, many brands do sell very very slight differences between lightly scattered crystals versus heavily embellished suits.

There are different sizes, colors, and qualities of crystals that one can work with on their suits. The crystals can change the color of your suit, so it’s important to be very careful before making a choice.

It is a good idea to mix some super sparkly (AB crystals) with singular-colored ones to make your suit shine brighter on the stage!

4. Consider the Cut Style of Your Bikini Competition Suit

Again, the cut style can also depend on the federation you're competing in and the category you're choosing. Bikini Competition Suit tops come in different cuts, such as Underwire cups, Molded cups, and Adjustable slider cups and we’re here to make you understand the difference between these!

If you are someone who is not so blessed in the chest department, the molded cup is going to be your best friend. It has built-in padding that pushes everything up and in, making you look fuller. You can also adjust the width of the cup positions, making it easier for you to move. If you're already blessed with big girls, you can go without the molded top. It's all about what makes you feel confident on stage!

The underwire cup has a more rounded style, giving you a very natural feel that many are used to from typical underwire bras and it also offers more coverage to the top and sides of your bust. Many pro-level competitors prefer to wear this style in the competition bikini rounds because it feels closer to lingerie. Although this style is more popular for “costume” style bikinis, most find them very suitable for use in enhancing natural bust shape.

And at last, we have an Adjustable slider. This style of cup is more popular among those athletes who have implants or those who have naturally D-D+ size busts. If your bust size has remained fairly constant in competition prep then you can opt for this natural-looking bikini top. The big advantage of this style of cup is that it can be adjusted to any shape and size preference so you can move freely throughout the competition.

5. Choose the Right Bottom Fit for Your Bikini Competition

Let's get something very straight, the bottoms completely depend on your comfort level (Unless you want to show off your glute growth).

The fit depends on each athlete, some like more coverage, some don’t and that's totally cool. There are different cuts for different body types, preferences, and sometimes federations.

The fit also depends a lot on the federation to the federation, so before deciding on a bottom style it is very crucial to check what each federation's rules are. Some require less coverage about 10-15% which is the micro pro and there are others that need more like a Brazilian fit. We offer different front styles as well, where you can go for a V or a scoop front, usually, people who want more coverage in the front prefer scoop cuts, these are also helpful to hide C-section marks if any. Whereas other athletes who want to show a bit more skin can go for the V cut. The V-cut helps you elongate your torso a bit as well.

After choosing, the micro bikini competition suit is made to fit your particular body the best- so accustomed to you specifically. If you are a beginner and don't have a lot of glute growth, do not worry! The Straight cut will work perfectly for you. It's like a regular front-rise bikini and literally the most popular cut. It sits around the hips and has a butterfly-shaped scrunch bottom to accentuate the buttocks. This style is very common among first-time competitors as well as experienced athletes.

All in all, you will want your bikini competition suit to compliment your personality, style, body, hair, and skin tone, and ultimately make you look and feel your best on the stage!

If you have any doubts, you can always ask us for help -

Eager to learn the secrets of winning in your bikini competition? Check out our blog for expert tips on "How to Win a Bikini Competition". Discover the strategies that will make you stand out on the stage and bring home the crown!

Have fun with it and have fun shopping for your new competition bikini suit!

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