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 beginners guide to bikini competition prep

beginners guide to bikini competition prep

If you are reading this, congratulations! It means you have made up your mind to compete in a fitness competition and are looking for the right place to start. There is so much information out there these days about fitness competitions which may be overwhelming for a first-time bikini competitor. So, look no further, let us help by giving you a guideline about where to begin. And if you still have any questions at all, feel free to email us at Competition Suit Shop #competitionsuitshop at or DM @competitionsuitshop on Instagram. We’d be thrilled to help you with anything you need 😄

 beginners guide to bikini competition competitionsuitshop

Competition Suit Shop is the perfect place for your first competition bikini!

Preparing for a Bikini Competition can be challenging but it’s a rewarding experience. It will test you mentally, physically and emotionally, pushing yourself to the limits but trust me, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve once you step out of your comfort zone! Competition prep journey for all athletes can be different, depending on which federation you are competing in. Here are some tips for beginners looking to compete. Be prepared before you start your competition prep, do your research so you’re not stressed out once you get started. Before beginning your competition prep, develop a comprehensive plan that includes your workout routine, nutrition plan, posing practice coach, the competition bikini you want to wear, stage accessories and most importantly the coach you want to work with. This will help you stay on track and make progress toward your goals.


 beginners guide to bikini competition COACHES

Diving into the most important part to get your competition prep started is finding a good competition coach. Coaches are lifesavers for so many bikini athletes. When it comes to competing, you will need to find a coach not because you can’t learn to build the best physique on your own, but because most competition coaches have a lot of experience. So, to learn the best tips and tricks, you need to find someone good.

Work with a competition coach who has a lot of experience because they will be able to connect with you on a better level than others. Someone with experience knows how difficult it is to build the perfect bikini competition physique. Somewhere along your journey, you will definitely need motivation, uplifting and their guidance. A few bikini coaches, we at #competitionsuitshop work with and highly recommend are:

  1. Coach Ashlee from AXENFITNESS in NB, CanadaInstagram: @axenfitness
  2. Coach Lawrence from Atlanta, GA, USAInstagram: @breakmy5thlaw
  3. Coach Jade from Bali who is pictured on the cover of this blog!Instagram: @jadejoselyn
  4. Coach Nuan Coaching in U.S.A and ThailandInstagram: @nuannuree

They are all so amazing for competition preps. They provide in person training as well as online training. If you need more information on competition prep coaches, DM US @competitionsuitshop or get more useful guidelines for your competition journey from Competition Suit Shop .

Competition Suit Shop uses excellent quality 4 way stretch spandex fabric to create competition suits to fit athletes like a glove. All our suits are custom made to your size. Our patterns are specifically created for each athlete making sure the bottom sits high on the hips to helps how case your glutes, thighs and body mass in the hips.

 beginners guide to bikini competition prep


Another important thing to keep in mind while doing your bikini competition prep. If you are in this for the long run then you know how important check-ins are. We are not telling you to measure yourself every single day, but every week or two is important. Give your coach weekly updates, physique-wise. These pictures and videos will also help you see your own progress.

One thing to remember as a bikini athlete is to use the same spot each time you take a video or a picture of your progress because it helps you compare your physique better. Opt to take pictures in front of a window (lots of natural light with a plain background) . Consistency is key when it comes to taking pictures. Try and use the same scale all the way through.


Posing practice is another key aspect for bikini competitions. Take out time to practice your posing regularly and get feedback from others. You should definitely consider hiring a posing coach to help you perfect your routine. Whenever you are posing for a check-in, remember to not do it wearing sweatpants. That’s not going to give you the best look! To take the best angles of your muscles, you need an outfit made specifically for posing which is also called a #posingbikini.

Competition Suit Shop is now offering printed posing practice bikinis in any design and colors you like for just 39USD if you order a stage rhinestone bikini from us.

We at Competition Suit Shop ( understand how expensive it can get competing with NPC, IFBB, OCB and other federations. We do our best to provide great quality competition bikinis at affordable prices. Our rhinestone bikinis start at USD$299 with free shipping worldwide. Having subsidized our competition bikini prices for our valued athletes, you can have more room to spend on your meal preps, gyms, tans, make ups, competition heels, supplements and much more! This is our little way of helping you out :)

Having two separate suits will help you. One for doing your posing practices and taking check-in photos and another decorated shiny #competitionbikini for show day. Competition Suit Shop provides you with not just competition suits but with the right accessories as well to level up your show outfit even more! As mentioned, it is always good to be prepared, start choosing your suits at #10weeks or #12weeksout so when you get to #8weeksout, you can proceed to place your #competitionbikini order.


 beginners guide to bikini competition prep FOOD PREP

Meal prep might not be the best part of your journey, but it is worth it in the end. Get a few measuring cups/ scales. Try to measure your meals and be as accurate as possible. You will be preparing your meals depending on how hectic your lifestyle is. Drink lots of water, it is a key element in building the best physique of your life. If your muscles are hydrated, you will also feel fresh and energetic.

Another important tip is to carry your meals with you everywhere you go. This will keep you away from cheating on your diet. Someone who’s serious about competing in a Bikini competition will try not to cheat on their meals. Remember to not skip your meals. Eating enough protein is essential to a healthy and strong body.

Avoid tv because it can cause you to have a lot of junk food (not the best thing to do when you are trying to stay in the best possible shape ever). Don’t risk putting yourself in an uncomfortable position or do anything that you might regret later, late nights are not ideal, prioritize your rest/sleep.

Have a good support system (best thing ever). We all know prep is not easy, you will feel tired or sad some days, but, when you have people who support you and encourage you to become a better version of yourself is when you truly succeed.

Competition Suit Shop will recommend you stay consistent. Stick to your plan, train hard, eat well, and get enough rest and recovery, you’ll be on the road to success!!

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